Approaching the middle of the 21st century, with all of this technology that surrounds us, it seems that we are tired of being focused just on it. Our life will be hundred percent surrounded by more machines in the future. All those technologies will be put in second place. Technology will be here to serve us to live in harmony with our environment. 

That’s why the Snøhetta studio decided to design and build the first zero impact houses. The net zero houses, with 200 square metres, are built as family houses but no one will live here. It’s purpose will be to present the functionality of zero emission residential houses. 

As a modern society, we spend a lot of energy and resources through products and goods. But the problem is that natural resources we used and still use are limited and have a negative impact on our environment. With that said, it is logical to conclude negative impacts on our environment. That’s why green houses, or zero impact houses, will be the future where we will live. 

Snøhetta studio – zero impact houses

The green house is equipped with a roof covered with photovoltaic panels, a water collection and recycling system and it is connected with a geothermal energy system. The energy produced is clean, little of it is used and the environmental impact of the house is really low. The Snøhetta studio also thinks about the home environment with food manufacturing land and a lot of plants that surround the house. Project is based on all principles for the design of a sustainable and low-impact house and now it’s up to citizens to change their habits.

The “Zero impact” conclusion

Technology allows us to live our life without negative impact on nature, but that’s not enough. We need to reshape the way we think and live. Our lifestyle must be different. It must be adaptable to a new circumstance aiming to achieve zero impact society. That does not mean to stop living, but to live in another way. 

That can be done by living in a house that does not have negative emission through the heating process for example, using solar panels to generate electricity and manufacturing food in the proper way, meaning that the food manufacturing process doesn’t have any negative impact on the environment. One of the other examples of how you can make a positive impact on society besides living in a zero emission home is by walking to work or a market instead using a gas powered car. And instead of gas powered cars buy an electric car instead. This is just one of the first small steps but  in the right direction. Zero emission is more philosophical than you think. It involved “net zero homes’ and electric cars, but it’s much more how our behavior has an impact on our environment and what we are ready to do to live in a better world. 

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