Let’s save more! 

There’s a lot of ways we can increase revenue for our company. The first way is by selling products or services to our customers, and the second way is through government benefits such as lower taxes, which would be external sorts of income. 

But we also can earn more money by cutting unnecessary expenses, such as spending more on electricity power than we need to. Use more materials such as papers, pencils and even a cup from which we drink. Do all of these little steps to make the greatest possible difference that we can to save more money. 

Here, we will discuss that and hopefully give you an idea on how to save more energy and be more efficient. If you want to get even more specific advice connected to your business and industry, feel free to contact one of our experts  and we will get back to you soon.

Let’s dive into it! 

Worldwide meetings from office space 

When we think about business flight, we usually think about all the nice things like beautiful landscapes, new places that we visit, and most importantly meeting launches that help us to grow our business.

Today, as we have sophisticated technology, flying less means earning more. As we all have apps such as Skype or Zoom, we don’t need to fly the world for every business meeting. We can do it from our offices or even home. This will positively affect our annual travel spending.

Leave your computer alone

Not only do you save money by flying less, but you can also save during online meetings with your partners and employees if you do it in the proper way. 

First, instead of using a desktop PC, use a laptop, as they use 80% less energy than a  standard personal computer. Also, if you set your screen brightness to 70%, you will save up to 20% of the energy according to Harvard University. Go into your laptop’s settings and stop all programs that work in the background and “steal electricity” without reason. 

When you don’t use your computer, turn it off and set up an automatic sleep mode in case you forget to shut it down. According to a study, 10,000 computers which are not turned off cost $260,000 in energy through the year. There are better ways to spend that kind of money, don’t you think? It costs you just a click of the button.

All secondary equipment that comes with computers like copiers or scanners can also be shut down and save you additional money when they’re not used. Don’t forget that secrets are always in little details. Also, print the document just when it’s necessary, as this will save you money in additional ways. Like papers that you will need for printing, colours and electricity that you will use for it. After your working day is finished, turn off the internet router.

Small smartphones – big expenses 

Because we use our smartphones for work more and more, it doesn’t hurt to reduce brightness and reduce app usage to save battery life. Phone apps spend even more energy working in the background than desktop computers, so immediately go to the settings and turn off all apps that you don’t need. 

All of this uses up unnecessary electric energy plus reduces your internet speed so that you can use it in a much better way. That’s why it’s a very wise move to turn off your phone from the internet when you don’t use it. 

As we see how much energy one phone consumes, can you imagine tens or hundreds of phones plugged in at your offices all the time when your employees need it? This will increase your monthly electricity. That’s why it’s wise to reduce phone usage whenever we can and save on our energy. 

How much can we save at our office paradise? 

So far we have discussed how to save money on our computer and phones. Let’s see what we can do next?

You can set up your air conditioner to work better. Increase temperature from 17-20 degrees to 24 which will cool your workspace but consume less energy. Set up the timer, so your air conditioning system will not work constantly. For example, setting it up to turn off 15. minutes every hour during work time. 

Control the light inside work spaces. According to the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, using light controls can reduce energy costs by an additional 15% to 80% depending on the work environment. Use LED light and reduce its brightness for better control of energy. Also, reduce your working hours, so that you can catch more daily light and save on that way too. 

Saving at Stomach-Friendly spaces – Our kitchen

Use the microwave to heat the food. It will save you a lot of money and time, as the microwave will heat your food very quickly. Also, you can prepare some fast-food for your work such as some sort of salads, shakes or any other food that you don’t need to heat but will keep you healthy and strong for the new working day. Suggest to your worker to bring food from home, as that way you will have less food to keep in your refrigerators and that will save you additional bucks of dollars.

Our effective conclusion 

Inspire your employees to save energy, too. Reward those who respect energy-saving policies and those who invent a new way to save energy and money at work. Remember what they say about habits: they can be our best friend or our worst enemy. Create habits that will bring more benefits to you, your business, and the environment.

All of this will reshape how you do daily things at work and how you think. Most importantly, it will cut your spending and have a positive impact on the environment. If you want to take action and make your business more profitable and save on energy bills, you are on the right path. Visit our website and start to save immediately, with everything done from your office, no more than three minutes, online! 

Good luck in your further  work! 

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